By Dev Gurung (People’s Daily Online) 09:58, July 06, 2021

The Chinese Revolution of 1949 under the leadership of Mao Zedong was, of course, one of world’s greatest historic events of the 20th century, which not only liberated China and the Chinese people from feudal exploitation, but also inspired revolutions in other parts of the world. With the success of the Chinese revolution, a real surge of national liberation movements took place around the world.

A ceremony in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is held at the Tian’anmen square, Beijing, July 1. (People’s Daily Online/Lei Sheng)

Nepal, too, is a part of the global socialist and Communist movement. Inspired by the Chinese Revolution, the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) was founded in 1949. The decade-long people’s war launched by the CPN (Maoist) led by Prachanda was the most significant event in the history of Nepal’s Communist movement. It was the People’s War that was principally and primarily responsible for bringing about epoch-making political, social, and structural changes in Nepal. CPN (Maoist) in collaboration with parliamentary parties reached an agreement to jointly spearhead the movement that ultimately abolished the monarchy and established Nepal as a federal democratic republic.

The successes of the Chinese Revolution and China’s miraculous economic progress have been a source of inspiration for our party and all Nepali people. On this occasion, the Communist Party of China (CPC), its leadership, and Chinese people deserve special applause for their successful march on the path of prosperity. In fact, the CPC has created a glorious history of one hundred years marked by significant and practical improvements in the lives of the Chinese people.

In the tumultuous century-long journey, which saw many ups and downs and traversed difficult phases of struggle, the CPC made tremendous accomplishments through protracted struggle and great sacrifice. China has gloriously stood up in the world as an economic development model, for which credit goes to the CPC, its present and past leadership, and the Chinese people. The dynamic and visionary leadership of comrade Xi Jinping has been a driving force on the march of China’s success, modernization and poverty alleviation in a short span of time.

The CPC has been committed to building and consolidating socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is a unique experiment in the world Communist movement. This successful experiment has been both an inspiration and lessons for Communist parties and revolutions in other countries. The approach and thoughts of the CPC to building socialism based on its own unique characteristics are fundamentally correct.

Socialism seeks to liberate a country and its people from imperialism and foreign aggression, as well as from all forms of exploitation and oppression. Our party is also committed to socialist revolution in Nepal, for which Chinese experience will serve as an immensely helpful lesson.

The present era is one of proletariat revolution against imperialism. A proletariat revolution is in the stage of an oppressed national liberation movement around the world. Therefore, this is an era of contradiction between world imperialism and oppressed nations. The struggle between imperialism and oppressed people is the main feature of the global political movement. Thus, the fundamental challenge and need is the decisive and coordinated struggle against world imperialism. I therefore call upon all oppressed people in the world to be united in the struggle against world imperialism.

Today, imperialism is down but not completely out. Imperialism has mutated and taken a different shape from direct colonialism to neo-colonialism, which continues to exploit and oppress people the world over.

Given the present global contradiction, oppressed people and countries are looking towards China for leadership and support in the national liberation movement. Only then can socialism prevail and build a just and equitable society conducive to better human survival. The policy and concept of ‘building a community with shared future for mankind’ being pursued by the CPC is correct and its role is crucial in building a new world order at a time when global politics is shifting from a unipolar system to a multipolar one.

As an economic development role model, China seems to have realized its international obligation, which is reflected in its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Chinese President Xi Jinping has vigorously moved forward the BRI with the objective of ensuring benefits for all developing countries in the world and bringing about meaningful changes in the lives of people to create a community of shared destiny in the world.

China’s role in building socialism seems to be very important in the present world, which is marked by inequality and disparity. Our party seeks to further consolidate its relationship with the CPC and learn a lot from its rich experiences.

Mr. Dev Gurung is a member of the Standing Committee of CPN (Maoist Centre)

Gurung was the keynote speaker at an International Conference recently organized by the School of Marxism Studies of Renmin University (Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)