The “Daka China” Global Communication Event, an online tour engagement is going to be organized in June to encourage travel enthusiasts across the globe to visit China. The online tour is of two days.

The organizer, Zhejiang Daily Press Group hopes that the event could help people to better approach the Chinese society and better understand the Chinese culture, so as to improve their global mindset and cross-cultural undertakings. The theme for this year going to be inaugurated in Jinhua is about the Belt and Road Initiative. Jinhua is a vital hub along the Belt and Road Initiatives.

Nepal-China Academy (NCA), friendship association established in Nepal, has been selected one of the international supporting partner. “Our members are more than enthusiast for online visit to Zhejiang to grasp pertinent knowledge. It would also be an online entertainment for our members since Nepal is being locked down to break the chain of COVID-19”, said Roshan Ojha, Secretary of NCA. The association had broadcasted documentary entitled “Beautiful Zhejiang” in mutual cooperation with China National Tourist Office in 2008 through Golden Eye Television in Pokhara.