On the occasion of Sanyuesan Festival of Guangsi Zhuang Autonomous Region of P.R. of China, Guangsi Radio ans Television Network Corporation had organized Singmyfolk Competition. Upon request of Foreign Affairs Office of Guangsi Zhuang A.R., Nepal China Academy (NCA) appealed its members to participate in the program. The executive member Ms. Abha Shakya and associate member Dr. Santosh Dhakal participated.

Both of them have received the participation certificate. Through rigorous competition, Ms. Abha Shakya, also Clinical medicical student of Peking University won the competition with award USD888/-. The NCA has also received promotional award of USD88/- The number 8, also the symbol of NCA is considered to be auspicious in the Chinese traditional culture.

The LIVE performance of singing talents were performed on May 4, to celebrate the Chinese Youth Day. The link to Youtube Channel of the LIVE show is :- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1iLgGAlrOsA&feature=youtu.be