Nepal – China Academy (NCA) is a friendship association established to promote the friendship relation existing in peoples’ level since centuries. It focuses in exchange of knowledge of various subjects of both countries among people. It believes sharing of knowledge deepens better understanding and promotes friendship and mutual cooperation. 


尼中学会是一个友好协会,成立于几个世纪以来,旨在促进两国人民之间的友好关系。它侧重于两国人民之间各种学科的知识交流。它相信分享知识可以加深理解,促进友谊和相互合作。}} (Translator: Aabha Shakya, Peking University)

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The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, known as the Panchasheel Treaty: Non-interference in others internal affairs and respect for each other’s territorial unity integrity and sovereignty (from Sanskrit panch: five, sheel: virtues), are a set of principles to govern relations between states.

Their first formal codification in treaty form was in an agreement between China and India in 28 April, 1954 at Peking — the “Agreement (with exchange of notes” on trade and intercourse between Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India. The Panchsheel was subsequently adopted in a number of resolutions and statements across the world including the preamble to the Constitution of China. 


和平共处五项原则,即《班查希尔条约, Panchasheel Treaty》:不干涉别国内政,尊重彼此领土统一、完整和主权(梵文“Panch”:五,”Sheel”:美德”,是一套指导国家关系的原则。
1954年4月28日,中国和印度在北京签署了一项协定,即《中国西藏自治区和印度之间贸易和往来的“换文协定》,这是它们第一次以条约形式正式编纂。随后,世界各国通过了一系列决议和声明,包括《中国宪法》序言。(Translator: Aabha Shakya, Peking University)

Nepal and China are close neighbors linked by the same mountains and rivers and enjoy a long-standing friendship. Since Nepal and China established diplomatic relations in 1955, our two countries have respected each other and trusted and supported each other, setting an example of equality, friendship, and mutually beneficial cooperation between neighboring countries.

(Note: The “red” in the map depicts Nepal and P.R of China is situated on its Northern side)


(注:地图中的“红色”表示尼泊尔,中国位于其北侧)。  }}
(Translator: Aabha Shakya, Peking University)

We do not want an inch of others’ land. We have a vast land of 9.6 million square kilometers, with a large part uncultivated. It is committing a crime to take others’ land and not run one’s own country well. Have we invaded Nepal? We do not want single inch of Nepalese land. (March 18, 1960)

Chairman Mao Zedong

Not half, but man’s entire life is established on friendship, companionship & association with the good. Do not keep company with evil or mean. Associate with good & bold friends. Friendship is force that has no parallel that can generate good qualities in a person.

Gautam Buddha

Friendship with many is best at a distance, and everything goes well with the person who stands on his own feet. Rights and privileges and other things can only come through friendship, and friendship can only be expected between two equals.

Swami Vivekananda

“Communism Won’t Come Via Taxi” : In response to incessant talks in Nepal that communism would travel from China along with the Kodari – Kathmandu Highway. The agreement for highway construction was signed on 27th September 1961.

King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva
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