Over the past three years, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the globe and posed enormous challenges to all countries including China. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, putting the people and their lives above everything else, have made every effort to protect the lives, safety and health of the Chinese people. In the light of the marked decline of the pathogenicity and virulence in Omicron and the steady rise of China’s capacity for medical treatment, pathogen detection and vaccination, we have taken the initiative to refine our COVID-19 response measures, with the focus shifting from “stemming infection” to “protecting health and preventing severe cases”. The purpose is to better coordinate COVID-19 response with economic and social development, and ensure the normalcy of people’s life and work.

China’s COVID-19 policy adjustment is science-based, timely 1and necessary. What we have done to fight against COVID-19 in the past three years has laid the foundation and created
necessary conditions for the latest round of policy adjustment. We are well-prepared for the possible scenarios ensuing these adjustments and are taking a host of measures to safeguard the lives, safety and health of the people. All countries go through a period of adaptation when shifting gear in their COVID-19 policies and China is no exception. Now, the overall COVID-19 situation in China is within expectation and under control. We in China are confident that we will have an accelerated return of normal economic and social life and secure a complete and final victory against COVID-19.

China’s latest policy adjustment will create new conditions for stronger international exchanges and cooperation. According to the recently released Notice on Provisional Measures on
Cross-border Travel, inbound travelers to China will need to show a negative nucleic acid test taken within 48 hours prior to departure; those who have no issues to report in their health declaration and have been given regular customs inspection and quarantine clearance will no longer be subject to closed-loop transfer and quarantine at designated facilities; China will resume outbound tourism for Chinese citizens in an orderly fashion, and will
gradually resume entry and exit of passengers by land and water on the basis of comprehensive assessment. By doing so, China will better facilitate the safe and orderly cross-border travel of Chinese and foreign nationals.

In April 2020, world political parties issued a Joint Open Letter concerning closer international cooperation against COVID-19, stressing the need for us to support and help each other, and enhance international cooperation against COVID-19 as no country can stay unscathed in the face of the pandemic. The global pandemic is not yet over. The Communist Party of China stands ready to make concerted efforts with world political parties and organizations, your organziation included, to promote mutual learning among us, so as to contribute together to protecting the health and safety of humankind, promoting world peace and development, and advancing the building of a human community with a shared future.

Please find attached a backgrounder on China’s latest COVID-19 policy for your organization’s reference.

The Communist Party of China looks forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation of various forms with your organization in the New Year.

International Department Central Committee Communist Party of China
3 January 2023